Donations and Gifts

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Considering ways to express your appreciation for someone? Want to give a nature-lover the perfect gift? Donate to the Friends of Noxubee Refuge on their behalf!Donations to the Friends of Noxubee Refuge can be a perfect way to:  ·

  •     Honor someone who cares about nature and about preserving our natural resources.·
  •     Memorialize someone who has passed away and tell their family that you valued their life and their contributions.·
  •     Help continue the work of the Friends’ organization as we strive to conserve the natural resources of the Noxubee Refuge through volunteer  work and fundraising.

For any donations received, an appropriate acknowledgement will be sent – either to the individual honored or to the family of a loved one for whom a memorial has been given. Also a record will be entered in the memorial/honor book on display in the Refuge Visitor Center.

Gifts to Friends of Noxubee Refuge are tax deductible for federal and state income tax purposes as prescribed by law for a non-profit 501(c)(3).

To send a check or cash donation, please mail the attached Donation Form, or leave it at the Refuge Visitor Center. To send a credit card donation, please email the form to: