Artist application

Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee Wildlife Refuge
Artist-In-Residence Application Form

Artistic Medium: ______________________________________________________________________________
Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone:  Day (_______ ) ____________________________Evening (_______ ) ____________________________
E-mail and/or Website:  _________________________________________________________________________

Selected artists stay in refuge housing for two- to four-weeks during each of three periods from March-April, June-July, and September-October. Please indicate desired residency dates:

(1st choice)_______________________________________ (2nd choice)_________________________________

Application Enclosure Checklist

All applicants must submit a CD containing:
– Resume/CV of professional experience
– Statement of Purpose for Residency- not to exceed one page in length in .doc or .docx format addressing:
     Specific focus and relevance of their art to the refuge;
Proposed projects and programming (ex. workshops, tours, lectures etc) to occur during the residency;
Potential for personal growth during residency; and,
Sample of Artistic Work (submit as appropriate):
    • Visual Artists (Photographers, Sculptors, Painters, etc.) 1 CD with 6 images in JPG format. EACH PICTURE not to exceed 3 MB in size. More than 6 images or pictures exceeding 3 MB in size will result in disqualification. Video  photographers send 6 copies of the same disc.
    • Writers – 1 CD containing 6 pages of written examples
    • Musicians/Composers – 6 copies of the same music CD
    • Performing Artists – 6 copies of the same CD or DVD
    • Multi-Discipline Artists – send appropriate sample combinations based on the above. Visual artists, except video photographers, writers, and multi-discipline artists may submit all materials on the same CD.

Please be sure to include this completed entry form with your application materials along with a non-refundable application processing fee of $25.

Please make checks payable to: Friends of Noxubee Refuge: Artist-in-Residence Program

Applications for the program are accepted throughout the year.  Applicants for the spring, summer and fall sessions will be notified by December 15, February 15, and May 15, respectively. All applications received will be considered during the selection process.

Mail application to:
Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee NWR
Coordinator, Sam’s Artist-In-Residence Program
13723 Bluff Lake Road
Brooksville, MS 39739

For questions regarding the application process please call 662-323-5548 or email Steve Reagan at [email protected]