Eagle at the Refuge

Updates on the Family
May 12

The two eaglets in the photo  was taken about 8 a.m. are in a
dead tree perhaps 100 yards north of the nest.  This is the first
time that I have seen two of them together in a tree other than
the nest tree.  
I began observing the empty nest at approx. 7 a.m. and about
20 min. later one of the eaglets flew into the nest and began
eating something which was already there.  After a few
minutes it flew away toward the north and after a short search
from the Dynamite Shed Road I saw the two of them in the tree
together.  After several minutes both eaglets flew out of the
tree toward the north.  
After another search, I located them in another dead tree (this
tree is approx. east of the faded red ribbon on the right side of
the road) perhaps an additional 100 yards north of the nest.  I
also observed that there was another immature eagle in this
tree several feet to the left and below these two, and partly
obscured by some leaves in another tree.  
I observed the 3rd eagle with binoculars and am confident that
it too was an immature eagle.  This is of some interest since I
have not seen all three eaglets together since the Sunday
when the rather severe wind storm came though the area.  
Of course, the fact that three immature eagles are observed in
the same tree does not prove that these are the 3 eaglets that
hatched in the nest that we have been observing, but it gives
us some hope that all three of those eaglets are still alive and
By the time I moved my camera into position and was
refocusing on the second tree at a different distance from the
road (and camera) the eaglets(?) all flew out of the tree and I
was not able to get a photograph of all three together.  They
flew generally south, and I later observed 2 of them together
again in the nest.
W. Lawrence Croft
May 22

The two eaglets were in the nest or on nearby
limbs for the approximately 2.5 hrs that I observed
the nest (I never saw the 3rd eaglet.)  The eaglets
were eating some "meat" in the nest off and on.  
One of the parents flew into the nest and joined in
the feast, and at times would tear off a piece of the
entree and give it to one of the eaglets.  After a
time, a helicopter flew by at a great distance from
the nest making lots of noise which seemed to
bother the birds and the adult flew out of the nest
during this time, but that may not have been an
example of cause and effect.
W Lawrence Croft